Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Because of my long involvement with the Christian Writers’ Market Guide, I Have talked to a lot of writers about marketing over the years--and the inevitable rejections that come with it. I know how disappointing and frustrating those rejections can be. What it takes some writers a long time to learn is that rejection is just part of the publishing business. In our insecurities, we always assume the rejection is an indication that the piece is bad—or at least poorly written. While that might be the case if you have not taken the time to learn your craft, more often it is just a matter of not finding the right editor or the right publisher at the right time.

There are many reasons for rejection, including: having already done something similar or having it in the works from another author; being overstocked with good manuscripts; having a tight budget this month or year; the piece doesn’t fit their guidelines; has the wrong slant—or the editor just had a fight with his wife that morning. Some of these reasons we can avoid—others are inevitable.

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