Friday, June 26, 2015


Q – After getting a go-ahead from an editor to submit an article, how soon will the editor expect to receive it?

A – Actually, if the go-ahead comes as a result of a query, that query should have indicated whether or not the article was finished, or how long it would take you to complete it. If no such estimate was given, then it will depend on the type of article. If it deals with a timely subject, the turn around time will be fairly short, because it needs to get out while the topic is still hot. If it is a piece that requires a lot of research or a number of interviews, the editor will understand that it will take longer than the typical article. If the editor needs it by a certain time, or a specific issue, he will likely indicate that. If the editor provides a contract for the particular article, the contract will likely indicate a deadline. If so, be sure you meet it, or it's possible it will never be published. If no deadline has been given, you can give the editor an estimate on your completion time and ask if that is acceptable. Just be sure not to agree to a deadline you know you can't realistically meet.  

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