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 This type of nonfiction book tells the reader, in detail, how to make or do something. Such books won't just give you a step-by-step plan to accomplish the task at hand, but will offer their advice based on the author's extensive experience, and knowledge of the process. Some publishers will focus on a specific category of how-to—such as how-to books for married couples or technology how-to—while others may deal more with how to make specific types of items, such as furniture or craft items. With Christian publishers, it may be such topics as Bible study, effective prayer, or how to teach Sunday school. One plus in the how-to market is that there is an endless array of how-to topics that can be addressed.

In the marketing process, you will find that even among the publishers who publish how-to books, they may vary in how they want the book formatted. Some will accept books that simply narrate the appropriate advice; some will want numbered steps that take the reader through a process step-by-step; still others will require the addition of photographs or diagrams that actually illustrate each step.

One possible downside of writing and selling how-to books is that if you think you have spotted a particular interest or trend that would require a how-to book, chances are it is already too late to get a book written and on the market before that interest or need has already passed. You will find lists of book publishers interested in how-to books in Writer's Market and in the Christian Writers' Market Guide. For a list of how-to books specifically for writers, go to:

For step-by-step help on writing a how-to book, go to:

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