Saturday, September 24, 2016


The copyright law also offers protection for photographers and their photographs. Following are a few thing photographers need to know about that protection:

  1. Photographs are also protected for the author’s lifetime, plus 50 years. This has eliminated two major problems for the photographer. Now they no longer have to worry about the copyright running out on a photo while they are still alive and want to resell it. They are also relieved of the daunting task of keeping track of the copyright on each individual photo and being sure to renew the copyright after the first 28 years was up.
  2. Photographs can be registered prior to publication.
  3. Photographers no longer lose a copyright on a photo if the copyright notice is left off, lost, or written incorrectly. If such a mistake is made, they have five years to correct it before they lose the copyright.
  4. Having a photograph published in a book published in a foreign country does not jeopardize the photographer’s copyright in this country.
  5. Having a photograph shown in a public display is not considered “publication” unless the photo is sold at the showing, or other plans are made to distribute it in some way.
  6. Unless a photo has been registered, the owner cannot bring suit against anyone for using it.
  7. A contact sheet of several photos can be copyrighted under one $45 fee.
  8. Copyright ownership of a photograph is not determined by physical possession of the photograph nor by the fact that someone is the subject of a photograph.

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