Thursday, December 24, 2015


Back-cover copy. The text appearing on the back of the book jacket for a hardback book, or on the back cover of a paperback book. It might include a teaser summary of the book; a few endorsements; and/or an author bio. This content is usually prepared by an editor at the publishing house using the information provided by the author, but in smaller houses, the author may be asked to write it. Usually the author will be given an opportunity to see and approve it before it goes to press. Since reading this often determines whether or not the potential reader buys or decides to read the book, it's important the information is correct and the comments on the book compelling enough to capture the reader's interest. If the publisher has someone else do the back cover copy, and you think you can do better, let them know, and write up your own version. Some authors will include the back-cover copy as part of their book proposal. For tips on writing persuasive back-cover copy, and some samples for various fiction genres, go to: For general tips on this topic, go to:

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