Saturday, December 5, 2015


Appearing on television as a talk-show guest can be stressful, but being well prepared and knowing the right preparations to make will help you relax and enjoy the experience. (1) Don't wear green (may be a green screen behind you). (2) Don't wear open-toed shoes. (3) Don't wear a busy print or stripes. (4) Wear something compatible with the set's color scheme. (5) Wear a two-piece outfit so you have a place to clip the power source for the microphone. (6) Wear something comfortable that you feel good in. (7) Don't wear an outfit for the first time. (8) Don't wear sparkly jewelry, other types OK. (9) If wearing glasses, the non-glare type is best. (10) If no make-up help is provided at the studio, wear more than usual to better define your features. (11) Keep hand gestures away from your face. (12) Arrive early. (13) Avoid eating spicy food before the interview. (14) Visit restroom before interview. (15) Speak clearly; don't mumble. (16) Know your topic and read your own book before the interview. (16) Be yourself, connect with the host, and don't worry about the home audience. (17) Be sure you know how long the segment is and if there will be commercial breaks. (18) If possible, view the show ahead of time to get a feel for how well the host has prepared and if he/she tends to be confrontational with the guests. (19) Leave your cell phone in the car. (20) Don't forget to mention your Website and any freebies or specials you are offering. For a few additional tips on preparing, go to:

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