Sunday, May 22, 2016


Asking permission to use the text or art from a copyrighted source. If you are quoting from other published sources within your article or book, the question is whether or not you are required to ask permission—or is giving credit to the author enough? It all comes down to whether the quote falls under fair use. (See fair use for what qualifies.) Generally speaking, if the quote is brief and simply supports your premise, then you don't have to ask permission. However, if it draws a basic or important premise from the other book, you will need to ask permission to use it.

Be especially careful of using material that shows up on the internet as “anonymous.” Do not assume that it is actually anonymous, as after being forwarded and copied any number of times, the author's name may have been dropped along the way. Do your own research to verify whether or not the material is actually anonymous. The same is true for printed material appearing as anonymous.

For answers to all your questions about when and how to obtain permission, go to:

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