Thursday, July 14, 2016


 An initial query letter or email to a publisher asking for permission to send a book proposal. Other book publishers will skip the query letter and ask for a book proposal initially. With a query letter for a book, the publisher simply wants to learn enough about your book to determine if it is worth asking for the full proposal. The editor will want to know specifically what the book is about, what qualifies you to write it, and why you think they are the ones to publish it.

You also may need to send a query letter when trying to secure an agent to represent your book. An agent will want basically the same information as the book publisher, and if interested, will also ask to see a complete proposal. The book publisher's and agent's decision will be based on such things as whether they already have or represent a similar book; if they have room in their list of writers or clients; whether the topic is of interest to their readers, or for an agent, if they think it's a topic they can sell to a publisher. For tips and sample queries, go to:

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