Thursday, July 28, 2016


Professional publicity photo. Some guidelines to follow when getting such a photo taken: (1) Find a photographer who takes head shots. (2) Check out the photographer's Website or visit their studio to be sure you like their work. (3) Get recommendations from other professional writers or speakers. (4) Let them know exactly the persona you wish to convey. (5) There are copyright issues, so be sure the photographer knows that you plan to use the photographs for publicity purposes and that you get permission to do so. (6) Wear neutrals (black, gray, or white) or dark colors; avoid busy patterns, red, and bright colors that draw attention away from your face. (7) Smile with your eyes, not just your teeth. (8) You want your hair style to be the same as when you speak. (9) Men, get a hair cut at least a week before the photo shoot to avoid the just-cut look. (10) Your make-up needs to be heavier and more defined than you would normally wear. For more on good head shots, go to:

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