Sunday, October 23, 2016



If a book contains a statement on the copyright page that explicitly requires written permissions, write for permission for quotations of any length.
  1. Quoting 100 words in a short article is inappropriate. Proportion is sometimes more important than actual length of a quotation. Follow The Chicago Manual of Style in its suggestions about “fair use.”
  2. Always write for permission to quote from any of the writings of Bruce Larson, Keith Miller, or C. S. Lewis.
  3. Although Zondervan is the publisher of Streams in the Desert, they are unable to grant permission to quote from that book. Since the author got permission for only one-time use of each quote contained in the book, permission to quote the quotes must come from the original authors or publishers, not from Zondervan. This may be true of other quotation books as well.
  4. Write for permission if the author’s phraseology has come to be closely identified with the author’s unique way of stating an issue or an idea.

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