Monday, November 14, 2016


It is important to know that all paraphrases of the Bible are books with copyright protection just like other books. The exception is the King James Version and American Standard (except for notes, maps, photos, etc.), which are in the public domain. All other versions provide guidelines for use. Although most publishers have a standing permission to quote from the different versions as long as they give credit, it is helpful for the author to know what limitations are imposed by each publisher. Each publisher provides a list of written guidelines for such quotes. Generally, they all require that the quote be completely accurate (including punctuation) and that proper credit be given. If you need to quote more than the limitations noted below, and your quote is used in a work intended for commercial use (in other words it is a book or something you will sell to the public), you will need to ask permission. Many copyright owners will want a copy of the work in which the quote is used within 30 days following publication. Below you will find a summary of the guidelines on the most popular versions and information on where to send for those written guidelines which you may want for your files—and future reference. The guidelines will also tell you how the credit line needs to be written.

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