Thursday, January 29, 2015


EPA's 2015 Convention: What's New?
EPA 2015
April 8-10, 2015
The Westin Westminster
Denver, Colorado

Not New...But Returning: Pre-Conference Sessions
Eight additional hours of training in either writing or design, for just $99!
Unlocking the Secrets of Writing Powerful Stories led by
Award-winning Magazine Design: A professional magazine design seminar sponsored by Magazine Training International

Morning Plenary Sessions
The morning plenary sessions and lunch speakers are designed after the popular TED Talks to spotlight trends and issues that impact the evangelical publishing world.

Conversations About Contemporary Thinkers
Following the example of C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien, and their conversations with the Inklings, we've invited some of EPA's seasoned editors to share thoughts on contemporary thinkers and their impact on culture and the publishing world. Participants are invited to ask questions, off er insights and even debate the topics discussed. This is a late night option for connection and networking.

Three-Part Design Field Trip 
Part I: Learn more about engaging readers in meaningful ways with this visit to Gloo, a Boulder-based technology firm. Gloo collaborates with organizations that serve people who champion spiritual formation, leadership development, marriages, and families, using content and digital engagement to teach and reinforce principles and practices that those organizations know are essential to cultivate and support those "champions." Scott Beck, the company's founder, will share Gloo's collaborative process: How the company creates valuable content experiences by first shaping the knowledge its partner organizations possess, and then by delivering that knowledge through digital platforms designed with the habits and preferences of champions in mind.
Part II: Hear and see the story of how Boulder-based advertising firm  Sterling Rice Group uses collaboration to generate ideas and designs, and then deliver them across multiple channels to build and expand the reach of numerous global brands, such as Wendy's, Quaker, Pepsi, California Almonds, and Hershey's.
Part III: Dine with fellow tour participants at one of Boulder's unique restaurants. Reflect on what you heard, saw, and learned, and discuss what lessons you see applying toward your own publishing endeavors (note: this is a "dinner on your own" option).
Early Morning Guided Prayer Walks
Join fellow EPA colleagues for a one mile walk on trails nearby the convention hotel.


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