Friday, January 30, 2015


From Yvonne Lehman:I
'm now accepting submissions for two new Moments books to be released in 2015. These are compilations of 50 stories by 40+ a uthors in each book, published by Grace Publishing. Already in print are Divine Moments and Christmas Moments (2014), and to be released in May is Spoken Moments (2015).
There is no compensation (except publication and joy!), authors get one free copy, discount on orders, royalties go to Samaritan's Purse. We always make a presentation to authors of Moments books at the May Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference. Twenty-three authors were present for the presentation in 2014.
Submissions come in quickly, so you might want to hurry! First acceptable 50 will be accepted. Articles range from 500-2000+ words. Content is the key! 
Precious Moments - articles about children -may be stories of one's own children, one's childhood, not having children, lessons learned from children, and some stories are written by children. A second-grade teacher I know is presenting this to his class to see what the children come up with. (I have a story written by my son when he was 9, also have stories I've written about my children) Deadline March 15, 2015
Christmas Moments Book #2 - articles about the true meaning of Christmas - Christmas experiences - meaningful or touching stories about Christmas - similar to Christmas Moments Book #1 
Contributors should put Precious Moments or Christmas Moments Book #2 in subject line and send to 

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