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CAROL STREAM, Ill., Feb. 12, 2015 / Christian Newswire/ -- The nonprofit media ministry Christianity Today has unveiled two words that will remind millions of readers of the cause driving its award-winning content in print and on the web: Beautiful Orthodoxy.

Countering the anger and name-calling that has come to personify so much of our national and international discourse--even within the church--Christianity Today is recommitting itself to showcasing editorial and design that presents a full-bodied understanding of the true, good, and beautiful Gospel lived out faithfully and fearlessly by Christians around the world.

"In some ways, Beautiful Orthodoxy is a 2015-rephrasing of our founder Billy Graham's desire to focus on stories reflecting Gospel conviction and Christ-centered love," says CT President and CEO Harold Smith. "The evangelist envisioned--as we do--an activist Gospel that not only changes individual lives but positively impacts communities and cultures in the name of the living Christ."

That the timing for this "new" emphasis comes almost 60 years since CT's founding makes obvious sense in the wake of the meanness and arrogance evident in so much of the communication and social-media chatter today.

"Such a tone, such an attitude breeds despair, hopelessness," says CT's editor-in-chief Mark Galli. "But the fact that the darkness has not overcome the light should motivate Christians today to take the high ground. To give witness to the love of Christ."

"More than ever," Galli continues, "we believe the cause of Beautiful Orthodoxy will point people--point the church--to the unimaginable richness and exciting possibilities inherent in the true, good, and beautiful Gospel of Jesus Christ."                 

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