Friday, September 11, 2015


        I will not try to name specific resources in this section, but simply alert you to the different types of resources that are available to the writer.

Magazines - Read both secular and Christian periodicals directed toward the writer. If you can’t afford to subscribe to them, many are available at your public library. Keep in mind that the techniques of writing are the same for both Christian and secular writing. The differences lie in the purpose or presentation of the content. A Christian publication will help you better understand the unique needs of the Christian market. These publications are important tools of your trade.

College or Adult Education Classes - Some people feel they have been away from the classroom so long they want to take some kind of refresher course or creative writing class to get them started toward their dream of writing. Such courses can be helpful if you have the time and resources to take advantage of them. There are, however, some things to look for in selecting such a class. First, keep in mind that “creative writing” is not necessarily the same as “writing for publication.” Creative writing is often of a more literary nature, and not what most publishers are looking for. Find out what the curriculum will cover and what you can expect to learn in the class.
Even more important is finding out something about the instructor. Call the school ahead of time and ask for information on the teacher. If they have not written for publication and been published, they will probably not be able to give you the kind of help you will need. Check around until you find the best teacher and curriculum.

Correspondence or Online Courses - These courses are a good option for those who are unable to get out to attend a regular class or writer’s conference. There are all kinds of correspondence courses available, both secular and Christian. Some of the more popular ones are listed under the Resources Section of the Christian Writers’ Market Guide. Even if you choose a secular course, such as one offered by Writer’s Digest, you can ask for a Christian instructor, as they do have several. No matter what course you choose, again be sure that the instructor you work with understands and has experience in writing for publication.

Note: The Resources Section of the Christian Writers’ Market Guide contains a wealth of additional resources, many on the Internet, which will provide invaluable help and instruction at little or no cost.

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