Monday, September 21, 2015


        Many writers ask this question at some point in their career. Should they pick one area and stick to it, or try their hand in a lot of different areas? That is a question each of us must answer for our self. Some writers are writing because of a life-changing experience that is the topic for every article or book, or that colors all of their writing. For some that will be enough.
         Some writers will gravitate naturally to one area or another based on their interest or experience. For several years I wrote Christian education articles and books, based on my 20 years experience in the field. Eventually my writing moved away from Christian education and I branched out into other areas.
         I suggest you start by trying a number of different fields, looking for your strong areas. Even while I was writing Christian education materials, I wrote material for children, as well as inspirational articles. Because I was successful at all three I stuck with all three. Sometimes it is a matter of testing the market to see which markets are the most open or which ones you are most successful in. There is no sense devoting a lot of your time to writing material for which there is little or no market.
        Eventually you will want to start developing your reputation for certain topics or types of writing, as explained under “Where to Start.” You certainly aren’t limited to establishing a reputation or credibility in only one area. After several years in Christian education, I went on to do the same thing with writing and marketing.
        One thing I have learned about writing is that each of us probably has certain innate strengths we need to eventually recognize and take advantage of. Even though I have written in any number of different areas, it boils down to the fact that I usually write how-to material. My basic strengths as a writer center on the ability to organize material and teach others how to do almost anything in a logical fashion. Once I recognized those strengths, I was able to better direct my efforts into the areas that would take the best advantage of those skills.

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