Thursday, January 21, 2016


 The amount of time, before publication, a manuscript must arrive at the editor's desk. Depending on the publication, the lead time can be anywhere from two months to one year—but for most it will be from six to twelve months. Their listings in the market guides, or their writers' guidelines, will tell you the lead time for each different publication. Keep in mind that for a bimonthly or quarterly publication the lead time will be longer than for a monthly. You will want to especially be aware of this time frame when submitting holiday or seasonal material. Many new writers show their ignorance of this time frame when they submit an article in November, expecting the publication to buy it for the Christmas issue. When you determine the lead time for a particular publication you want to submit to, try to get your submission in well before that deadline, as the early submissions have a greater chance of being accepted. For an interesting discussion on the length of lead time, go to:

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