Friday, January 29, 2016


Although some radio interviews are conducted in the radio studio, most are done with the interviewee answering questions by telephone from their home or office. Here are some tips to help make the experience more enjoyable and successful: (1) Have a glass of water handy. (2) Do the interview standing up and walking around to add liveliness to your responses. (3) Have a copy of their state map at hand so you can mention towns in their area. (4) Check their weather so you can personalize your comments. (5) Involve your listeners. Before a commercial break, tell them to get paper & pencil to write down a special tip you'll give after the break, then they will also be ready to write down info on how to get your book. (6) Be sure to contact the bookstores in the area of the station to be sure they have copies of your book available. (7) If you plan to read quotes from your book, flag them ahead of time. (8) Be prepared to get the interviewer back to your agenda if he/she gets off on an unrelated tangent. Also be aware that in some instances an interviewer will “hijack” an interview by trying to answer questions meant for you—be prepared to step in and take it back. (9) After the interview, send the host and producer each a thank you note and offer to “Let's do it again.” Here's more on radio interviews:

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