Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Q. What is the difference between an essay and an article?

A. This is a good question since, since many writers don't seem to recognize that there is a difference. The purpose of an article is to inform or simply entertain the reader, and should be presented as factual information Although it will obviously reflect your point of view, it should not be dominated by it. In other words, give them the facts, not your opinions.

In contrast, an essay expresses your opinion on a certain topic and the purpose is to convince the reader that your opinion is the right one. You will start an essay by expressing your opinion, and then go on and give the information necessary to support that opinion. Over the years the essay form has expanded to include descriptive, narrative, argumentative, satiric, historical, and humorous pieces.

The current edition of the Christian Writers' Market Guide lists 30 publications open to essays. Most of them are seeking those opinion pieces on topics of interested to their specific readers. If interested in writing essays, check a publisher's guidelines and read sample copies of essays in their publications to have a clearer picture of the type of essays they are open to. It is likely to vary from publication to publication.

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