Friday, July 31, 2015


Q. I just sold an article to a magazine that seems like a perfect fit for me. Would it be presumptuous of me to write and tell the editor I'd be interested in getting future freelance assignments from her?

A. I have always encouraged writers to work at developing good relationships with the editors of their favorite publications. Your first goal with that publication is to show the editor that you understand their readership and their particular needs. Selling them one article is just the beginning. Rather than you approaching her after just one sale, show her that you understand her needs by continuing to submit articles and making more sales to her. If you continue to hit the mark with your submissions, she will likely recognize you as someone who could take on assignments for the magazine. Chances are you won't have to bring it up, but if the opportunity presents itself after a longer history with her, then go ahead and mention it. Since assignments bring with them a guaranteed payment, editors are reluctant to make that commitment to a writer they don't know well and trust explicitly.  

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