Tuesday, October 6, 2015


        The real key to marketing success is finding your markets first and then writing a piece to fit the unique needs of that market. Most writers fail because they write an entire article, story, or book first, and then struggle as they try to find a market that fits what they have created. Often there is no good fit for the material in that format.

        How much better it is if you find the markets that fit your topics and writing style and write to fit their specific needs. It helps a lot if you know ahead of time what topics they want, the length they prefer, what audience they are targeting, and any special requirements they have—such as lots of anecdotes, personal experiences, or in-depth research. You may not sell every article you write taking this approach, but the odds of success improve greatly. Even the rejected pieces will tell the editor you’ve done your homework and know exactly what they publish. 

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