Friday, March 25, 2016


1. Limit giving out freebies to launch week only.

2. Send out an e-mail that includes an excerpt from the book. Tell them you want them to buy today and offer the freebies as a reward if they do.

3. Give away something to get them to sign up for your newsletter. Put a subscription box on every page of your Website.

4. Include a quiz to help generate interest.

5. If you have other published books, offer one for 99 cents for just one day.


1. Run a contest with random drawings. Have giveaways for prizes (not physical stuff); better to do giveaways of time--such as a consultation or evaluating a chapter, etc.

2 Talk to your "tribe." Let them know what you're doing, What chapter your working on on the next book. What your main characters are up to between books. Anything to keep them engaged.

3. Allow Facebook comments.

4. Include excerpts from your new book.

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