Sunday, March 20, 2016


Usually a printed form sent to inform you that your manuscript has been rejected. Rejections slips are always a regular part of attempting to write for publication. Don't let them discourage you. You must learn to detach yourself emotionally from your writing. If a manuscript is rejected, send it on to a new publisher as soon as possible. Remember, no matter how many times you don't succeed, you are not a failure: failure is an event, not a person. If you continue to be rejected, it is worthwhile to pay a professional editor to edit a manuscript for you and tell you where you can improve. Also keep in mind that the better-paying the market, the greater your chances of rejection. The competition for those publications is fierce; you are competing with the best writers in the business. Rejection slips rarely include any specific comments from the editor, so if you get a positive comment, consider it an encouragement to keep submitting. However, if they make suggestions for changes, don't make the changes and resubmit it unless the editor specifically asks you to. For tips on dealing with rejections slips, go to:

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