Friday, March 25, 2016


I recently ran across some notes I took in a class on promoting a book. Looked like some good information, so thought I'd pass along a few of those notes in hopes it will be helpful to some of you.

1. The average shelf life of a newly published Christian book is 3 months. For a  secular book it is
    only 3 weeks. Indie book have a longer life.

2. Most books sell fewer than 500 copies; 5,000 copies is considered good sales.

3. You want people to buy your book on the day it launches.

4. Offer a free subscription to daily calendar tips for writers or speakers.

5. Send out an e-mail announcement of your book launch, but don't wait to start there. You need to be building an e-list and building momentum toward the launch date.

6. Let your tribe know when the book will be out.

7. Develop an e-zine related to the topic of your book and charge for it.

8. Any free give-aways need to be electronic--not paper.

9. Website: Brightest back on the home page. Put subscription box in top, right-hand corner where it will stand out.

10. At the bottom include a statement, such as: "I promise I will protect your privacy and will not give or sell your information to anyone." Ask only for a first name and e-mail address.

11. Mail Chimp will send out the first 2,000 e-mail for free.

12. Give them a place to check-off what they want from you: "Sign up to get a new book alert," "Sign up for a writing tip," or "Sign up for a speaking tip."

13. Make them an offer they can't refuse, such as a few e-book just for signing up.


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