Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Q - I’d like to quit my job and write full-time. Is it possible for a freelancer to make a career in writing—and actually make enough to live on?

A - You don’t say how much you are writing now or what kind of a track record you have in writing. If you are starting cold—with few or no writing credits—then the answer is definitely No—keep your day job. Few people make a living solely by writing. In order to even consider quitting your current job, you would need to have developed a reputation as a writer who is good at a particular kind of writing—such as feature articles (which pays the best) or on a specific topic of broad interest. You need to be well enough known that editors come to you with assignments. It helps if you are contributing regularly to particular magazines or have regular columns that you write monthly. It’s also a plus if you have books on the market that are earning regular royalties. In other words, you must develop a viable career before you make that leap to full-time writer.


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