Sunday, October 12, 2014


Want to get paid to give talks – even if you’re
not famous yet? 
Want to change peoples’ lives with your message
and have a lot of fun doing it? 
If so, you’re invited to a free telephone seminar
this Thursday (October 16th) and have six
successful speakers teach you how to get started
in this lucrative field. 
You’ll discover lots of great strategies on this
free 90-minute teleseminar hosted by Steve
Harrison, including:  

• How to find companies and organizations who
already have a budget to pay speakers like you
quite handsomely – even if you’re not famous or
well-known in your field. 

• Why you shouldn’t ask for less than $3,000 as a
speaking fee – even if you’re a complete unknown
with an ‘ordinary topic” -- and why it should
often be more than that.
• How to be well-paid to deliver a spiritual

• Five critical steps for landing speaking
engagements – especially when you don’t have a lot
of time to spend marketing yourself. 

• Why you don’t need a lot of fancy materials to
land speaking gigs, but what you DO need to give
them instead. 

• How experienced speakers can raise their fee and
get it. 

• Proven ways to brand yourself and your message
in a way that will prompt a flood of requests for
speaking engagements. 

• Actual case histories of several successful
speakers and how they got started. 

• Specific things to do before, during and after
you speak so that the audience loves you and you
get invited back again and again. 

• How to use LinkedIn to get more invitations to

• What one speaker did to become Exxon Mobil’s
highest-rated trainer for more than 29 years. 

• How Jack Canfield used speaking engagements to
drive his brand-new book to the New York Times
Best Seller List. 

• What topics organizations are most interested in
having speakers address (AND MUCH MORE!!!) 

Again, go here now to register for Thursday’s free
teleseminar. I’m proud to be a compensated
affiliate for Steve’s company because I know
you’ll really benefit from his trainings. 
W. Terry Whalin
Whalin & Associates
9457 S University Blvd, Suite 621
Highlands Ranch, CO 80126-4976
ph: 720-708-4953

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