Sunday, November 23, 2014


Q. What kinds of complaints do you hear from editors concerning the submissions they receive?

A. Good question. Over the years I have heard many such complaints from editors. Here are a few of the most common: (1) Writer has not seen or read the publication, or for books have never read a book from that publisher. (2) They have not read, nor have they followed, the writers' guidelines supplied by the publisher (usually available on their Website). (3) Too many errors; obvious the writer has not proofread the final copy. (4) Writer does not recognize or write to the needs of the publisher's target audience. (5) Writers who insist the manuscript was fully inspired by God and the editor is not to change one word. (6) Writers who have read the guidelines but indicate they are sending a piece that they know doesn't fit because it will be too good for the editor to turn down.

I'm sure there are other complaints, but these cover the most common. It's also a good list to keep in mind when submitting. Avoiding these negatives will also make your chances of selling much more likely.

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