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Christian writers are invited to submit stories, poems or songs for the next upcoming Selah Press Anthology in the 360 Degrees series. You can check out the first Selah Press Anthology, 360 Degrees of Grief, Reflections of Hope on Amazon.
Selah Press accepts inter-denominational pieces glorifying God from a variety of perspectives. Tell your personal story with transparency because a good story includes a range of emotions. 360 Degrees is open to true stories adapted from journal entries, blogs, eulogies, sermons, letters and testimonies. We accept stories from contributors of any age. Because of the sensitive nature of some topics covered in 360 Degrees books, Selah Press does accept stories using pseudonyms.
All submissions should be written in the first person. The length of the story should be between 500 and 2500 words. Multiple submissions are welcome. Please refrain from using the last names of individuals. Please also note Selah Press, LLC reserves the right to decline any submissions. All submissions will be edited by Selah Press. 360 Degrees books are published in print and digital formats by Selah Press, LLC.

Deadlines and topics for future Selah Press Anthologies
360 Degrees of Grief, Volume 2 – Deadline for submission is February 16, 2015 .
360 Degrees of Forgiveness – Deadline for submission TBA.
360 Degrees of Testimonies – Deadline for submission TBA.
360 Degrees of Parenting – Deadline for submission TBA.
You may submit to any upcoming volume in advance of the deadline.

Tips for 360 Degree Submissions

  1. Just write. Let the words flow freely and uninterrupted. Start there and edit later. Advice from One Writer to Another will give you general tips for writing.
  2. Identify the heart of the story. Stick to your core message. Edit out extra details that aren’t necessary to create the scene, connect with the reader or inspire an emotional response. 360 Degrees stories have a limit of 2500 words. Make every sentence count.
  3. Don’t lecture. Editors will quickly reject a story if it is filled with lectures and condemnation. Please allow your story to inspire others without stepping outside of your natural voice to give direction.
  4. Create a strong title connecting to the core message of your story.
  5. Ask friends and family to read your story before you submit. A great writer is a person who is open to editing. All great stories are well edited. Edit before you send in your story and expect it to be edited again in our hands.
  6. Be sure to keep a copy of the story you submit to Selah Press, LLC. Do not depend on the submission as a back-up copy of your original document.
  7. If you include Bible verses please give the full address of the verse and the version of the Bible cited.


You will be required to upload the following contracts in the form below. Please print, sign, scan and submit them with the form.
It can take up to one year for 360 Degree books publish. Please be patient with this time-consuming process.

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