Sunday, November 9, 2014


Q - What do the book publishers say that authors do that frustrates them the most?

A - Most authors simply don’t make any effort to learn anything more about a publisher than what they find in the market guide. They would love it if you would actually read some of the books they have published in your genre or subject area to get a feeling for their tone or approach to the topic. They also get upset when writers don’t follow their guidelines. Although most publishers want to see basically the same kind of information in a proposal, each publisher puts its own twist on the process and they expect you to follow their guidelines carefully. They are especially interested in the market research they expect you to do for them. Let them know how your book fits into what is already available in the marketplace. You cause them all kinds of headaches when you miss your deadlines, don’t send them what your proposal has promised, or are reluctant or resistant when it comes to the editing and rewriting process. You never want to be labeled a “difficult author.”

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