Monday, November 3, 2014


Would you like to promote your book, product or business as a guest on radio shows across the US and Canada? One of the great things about appearing on radio shows is you can do many of the interviews via telephone, without leaving your home or office. To discover how, join my friend, Steve Harrison, for a free webinar with a published author who has appeared on 1,264 radio shows, landed over $4,500,000 in free airtime and generated more than $1,526,000 in direct sales. Register for Thursday’s webinar and discover the publicity system that landed him on 1,264 radio shows:

Here’s some of what you’ll learn on Thursday’s webinar: • Why you should start doing radio interviews as soon as possible – even if your book won’t be out for quite a while. • Four ways to get booked on radio shows. • How to tell the big stations from little ones and why wattage alone isn’t a good indicator. • The 7 keys to landing radio appearances. • What you need to know about time slots. • How to sell on-air without being a slimy salesperson. • What you can learn about radio publicity from TV host Bill O’Reilly. • A simple change which tripled the sales of his self-published book overnight. • The “secret” online forum that you’ve never heard of where radio producers share good guests and why being mentioned there can skyrocket your bookings. • Sure-fire ways to get radio producers and hosts to love you. • How to feel calm and collected on your first radio interview. • And much more!

Join Steve on Thursday and get started promoting your book, product or business on radio shows nationwide. I’m proud to be a compensated affiliate for Steve’s company because I know you’ll really benefit from his trainings.

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