Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Today I'm starting a new series on article writing--a necessary step on the road to publication. I have

always encouraged writers to start with article sales. Although some people start out with aspirations

 to write a book, I think that is usually a mistake. There is much about writing that you only learn by

 doing it, and writing articles helps you put the things you have learned into practice with a quicker

 chance for feedback. You learn much about structure, organization, and simply how to put the words

on paper.


There are many types of articles, and as a writer you need to recognize and understand the different types, and not limit yourself to the obvious. When an editor says they want a feature article or survey article, you will want to know what they are talking about without having to ask.  In following blogs you will find a list of different types of articles with a simple description or explanation for each. If any of them catch your interest, seek out some books that will give you more in-depth information on that type and watch for good examples in your reading. You will find some helpful books in my bookstore at www.stuartwriter.com.

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