Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Note: In some cases, more than one name has been given to a particular type of article, so you may find it listed under both names, or with a referral to another listing.

Articles - Different types

The following list is in alphabetical order for easy reference:

  1. Business Writing - One of the better paying markets is writing articles for newsletters or trade journals that focus on a particular type of business. You don’t have to be associated with the business yourself, you simply gather the information, interview those who know, and write whatever they want. Some people do business writing to supplement or support writing the things they enjoy.

It helps if you have some experience or at least some interest in the field. There are  trade journals for Christian booksellers and publishers. They use articles of interest to bookstore owners, author profiles, book reviews, and industry news. They suggest that you interview bookstore owners, find

out what topics interest them and research to find possible solutions. Business writing

can also include writing such things as brochures, pamphlets, resumes, newsletters,

and promotional materials.

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