Thursday, April 16, 2015


As I write this blog, I have recently attended my first major conference of the season. I always look forward to all that means for me. I just figured out that I attended my first conference over 40 years ago—and I still look forward to them with great anticipation. I love the excitement that comes when a group of writers get together—many attending for the first time. For me it includes the joy of seeing old friends, reliving fun memories from the past, and the anticipation that comes with not knowing what blessings God has in store.

I know that I periodically talk about the importance of attending writer’s conferences, but taking that giant leap toward such an event has so much more to offer than just the instruction or potential contact with editors or agents. As I look back over all those years and all those conferences, I can’t image having lived my life without the experiences and friendships those conferences provided. To me they are a major part of building a writing career with the strong foundation they provide. I hope you don’t let another conference season go by without adding to your own foundation.

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