Wednesday, April 22, 2015


I had an interesting phone call awhile back from a writer who was calling to inform me of various publishers who had changed phone numbers. I already had most of those corrections, but it was the rest of our conversation that caught my attention.

When he mentioned a phone numbers that was no longer correct, I asked if he had checked the Website to see if they had a new one listed. It was then he let me know in no uncertain terms that although he had several computers that could be connected to the Internet—none of them were. He made it clear he wanted nothing to do with e-mail or the Internet. His next statement being: “If a publisher doesn’t have a phone number I can call, they’re not going to get my book.”

I’m sharing this story because it is just that attitude that will likely prevent this gentleman from every getting published. He has put his publishing future in jeopardy in a number of ways. First, there are very few publishers today who will accept a phone call from an unknown author. Next, the majority of publishers prefer an e-mail contact initially and will also expect to be able to correspond with an author by e-mail once the manuscript is accepted.

In today’s publishing world, it is the authors who know the publisher’s preferences—something they learn from the market guide or their guidelines—and follow them exactly who are going to be noticed and considered for those open magazine slots or the few publishing contracts being offered. Publishers rule.

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