Thursday, February 11, 2016


The development of the unique image and attributes of a character in fiction or drama. This process needs to create a character that is authentic and believable, while at the same time is growing and changing in some ways as the plot develops. As the character helps develop the plot, the plot must help develop the character. Characterization will include such things as a physical description, how the character dresses, personality traits, personal history, interaction with friends and family, vocation and avocation, and the like. One way to help in characterization, at least for the main characters, is to prepare a life history including the background and life experiences that make the character who he or she is. Most of this will never be revealed in the story, but will be used by the author to make who the character is more authentic. That life history will account for how the character acts and reacts within the context of the plot. If an editor or readers say your characters are “flat,” it means you need to flesh them out to have them come across as real people—that's characterization. For a step-by-step plan for building good characterization, go to:

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