Tuesday, February 16, 2016


A writer's relationship with his editors. It's important to nurture relationships with editors. They are your gateway to publication. Attend conferences where you can meet with editors face to face, and never pass up an opportunity to speak with one directly. Although nothing may come of those contacts immediately, editors will be checking you out and as the relationship grows, so will an editor's knowledge of your topics and writing ability. An editor's goal is to meet the needs of his readers, so what he is looking for in writers are those who can help him meet those needs. For that reason, they will be seeking writers who share their interest and concern for their specific readership. Before approaching an editor in person or even submitting a query, proposal, or manuscript, be sure you understand who that editor's readers are, and the kinds of material they are looking for. Even if you never meet an editor in person, you can build a strong relationship by continuing to submit material closely aligned with the publisher's needs. The more you know about the needs and concerns of a specific readership, and the more you strive to meet those needs, the more likely you are to sell to that periodical or book publisher. Always go the extra mile in responding to editors. Send a thank you note when they have spent time meeting with you—in person or on the phone, or when they accept your submission. The bottom line is that an editor always takes notice of the writer who consistently sends submissions closely targeted to the needs of his readership. If you are selling books, here's help for you: http://thehelpfulwriter.com/editorial-relationship.

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