Friday, February 19, 2016


Workspace set aside in an author's home where they do their writing and research. Although having a separate room set aside as an office might be the preferred arrangement, having any place set aside for the same purpose can work as well, especially when most writers now use laptop computers which give much more flexibility in determining a writing space. But even with a laptop, a writer will also need somewhere to keep their printer, paper supply, postage meter, shredder, market guides and how-to or reference books, office supplies, and related office paraphernalia. Having such a dedicated space is often helpful for writers to be psychologically prepared to go to work when they enter that space. Be sure your space is well lighted and someplace you like to go. Each writer will need to decide where their space will be and how much space they will actually require to work effectively. For photos of home offices, go to:

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