Wednesday, February 17, 2016


In-depth coverage of a subject, usually focusing on a person, an event, a process, an organization, a movement, a trend or issue; written to explain, encourage, help, analyze, challenge,
motivate, warn, or entertain as well as to inform. Focuses on one topic or main idea. In a magazine, the feature article is often the lead article for the particular issue and will cover an issue of prime importance to the readers of that magazine. Keep title under six words, if possible, but don't promise more than you can deliver. The ending needs to be satisfying, but not necessarily happy. Because feature articles typically require more time and research, they tend to be assigned and pay at a higher rate than other articles. If you query about a potential feature article, in most cases the editor will give you a firm assignment—as opposed to having you write it on speculation. This is especially true if you have written for the magazine previously, they are familiar with your writing, and have confidence that you will meet their needs. For more on feature articles, go to:

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