Sunday, February 21, 2016


You can find ideas everywhere. (1) You need to become idea-oriented—watching for ideas everywhere you go. (2) Start looking at every person, event, word, anecdote, etc., as potential grist for the mill. (3) Watch people. (4) Eavesdrop on stranger's conversations. (5) Read newspapers. (6) Always look for new experiences, visit new places, meet new people—talk to them. (6) Push yourself outside your comfort zone. (7) Eat in new restaurants. Vacation in new spots. Try new activities. (8) Investigate topics that interest you. (9) Dig deeper. (10) Look at an everyday situation and ask “What if?” (11) Brainstorm ideas with creative friends. A caution: don't talk out your ideas. They tend to dissipate and you risk losing your enthusiasm. Write them down first. For a list of idea sources, go to:

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