Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Are you curious about how business and
marketing  online really work?

Many of us are. It sure sounds confusing with all
sorts of information flying around this topic every day.
But I have a great news for you...

My friend Christina Hills is holding a FREE
webinar called "The Fundamentals of Online Marketing"
this Thursday 9/18/14.

This is NOT one of those webinars where an expert
will talk about new online marketing tactics laced with
marketing and technology jargons, instead she teaches
in an easy to understand, down to earth way.

Christina is known to be somebody who can explain
complicated topics in the language that non-geeks and
newbies can understand; she has taught hundreds of non-techie
people how to easily build  their websites themselves in the Website
Creation Workshop.

As an Internet marketing and WordPress expert, she
has SO MUCH to share... So, this will be a great chance
for you to learn and finally "get" how Internet marketing works.

------------- Webinar Info ---------------------

Event: The Fundamentals of Online Businesses
Date:  Thursday September 18, 2014
Time: 4:00pm Eastern / 1:00pm Pacific
Duration: 60 minutes
(You can listen by phone or computer.)
TO ATTEND THIS Webinar, Go Here NOW...
During this free 60 minute webinar, Christina will be using
lots of pictures to help you achieve a true understanding
of how marketing and making money on the Internet really

Here are some of the key items she will be covering:
- How selling works online, including how money
gets from the buyer through the murky cloud of shopping
carts, gateways, merchant accounts and into your bank
- How email marketing works where you build a list
of potential customers to email your offers to
- How social media works to bring new visitors to
an online business to start a relationship with them
- How websites and webpages are architected and
interlinked to enable relationship building and buying
and selling online

Intrigued? Just sign up here to get all the good

Once you learn how business works online, you'll be
much better able to strategize how YOU can create a
successful business online!
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Whalin & Associates
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