Monday, September 15, 2014


Authors who have e-books sold through the HarperCollins website will receive a higher net royalty than if they were sold through another site, the publisher has confirmed.

HarperCollins unveiled its new site last week, which features a direct-to-consumer function, allowing visitors to the site to download e-books to read through a free HarperCollins app. The publisher also plans to make print books available for sale later in the year. At the moment, people looking for print books are given links to other retailers, including Amazon, Waterstones and W H Smith.

The publisher has confirmed that authors will earn more through direct e-books sales through the site. A spokesperson said: "I can confirm that authors' net royalty is higher on e-books sold through our website because we don't have to share a commission with a third party."

However, HarperCollins would not say what the exact rate was.

The new website offers a range of discounts on titles, although Amazon offers a higher discount on those titles. At the top of the website's bestselling e-book chart is Robin Hobbs' recent fantasy title, Fool's Assassin, selling for £13.45, a title which is selling for £5.99 on Amazon. The three books that make up Veronica Roth's Divergent series take up the next three slots, priced between £5.53 and £8.75. On Amazon, the books are priced between £2.50 and £4.48.

The domain also allows users to sign up for news, hosts HarperCollins' BookD videos which feature authors in conversation and features a section of Authonomy titles - HarperCollins's self-publishing arm.

In the US, HarperCollins launched its revamped site in July, selling e-books internationally where it has world rights and selling print titles within the US. The company has previously experimented with direct-to-consumer sales through dedicated sites for author C S Lewis and the Narnia series.

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