Friday, September 5, 2014


Q. A publisher I'm submitting a book manuscript to has asked for a resume. What do I include in a resume if this is going to be my first book? Is a standard resume format proper?

A. When a publisher requests a resume—usually in relation to a nonfiction book—what he is wanting to know is whether or not you have the necessary qualifications to write the book you are proposing.

For that reason, in addition to the educational and general work history, what you want to focus on is any experience you have that qualifies you to write this book. For example, if the book is a Bible study, how long and in what situations have you taught a Bible study? Have you actually used this material in an actual Bible study class? How many times? Or, for books on other topics, what is your personal experience with or connection to the topic, and have you been teaching/speaking on the topic? Include anything you can think of that gives you any kind of credibility in relation to your topic.

Also include a list of any articles you have had published on the topic, whether you were paid for them or not. These days publishers expect you to have “paid your dues” by getting your name tied to your topic through regular published articles that help build strong name recognition in relation to the topic. Lacking the necessary qualifications--like those indicated here—your chances of selling the book will be much less likely.


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