Friday, September 19, 2014


Hello Everyone,

I believe crowd funding is an excellent opportunity for authors to get more people involved in their publishing program--whether you use Kickstarter or another site. It takes some strategic thinking to set up a proper crowd funding campaign. I had an author a year ago raise over $8,000 to fund his children's book, hire an illustrator and much more. I've also had authors who have failed using kickstarter.

There is a new crowd funding site that I like called PubSlush at I've met the founders of this site at Book Expo in NYC in May. This site is just focused on books (where Kickstarter can be movies, inventions and all sorts of things beyond books). I've almost got my own Pubslush campaign ready to roll out so watch for it. I'm using it not so much to raise funds but to promote awareness and pre-sales for the updated version of my Jumpstart Your Publishing Dreams book which Morgan James is releasing on Oct 7th. I may also set up a second pre-sales campaign on PubSlush for the November 4th release of my biography of Billy Graham (three days before Mr. Graham turns 96). You can see my website for this book at: I believe crowd funding can be a valuable option for authors--especially if set up right.

W. Terry Whalin, Acquisitions Editor / Writer / Panelist
Highlands Ranch, Colorado


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