Sunday, November 2, 2014


1. For U.S. flights, you get one bag (international flights, everyone gets two bags) to check through to destination (50# limit for each), one carry-on, and one personal item (purse, laptop, briefcase or whatever). Cost for first bag checked varies according to airline—usually $20 or $25. Any additional bags are $50 each (can vary).

Weigh bags on bathroom scale to check weight before you go. If a bag goes over, they’ll let you
take stuff out of it right at the check-in desk to get it down to proper weight.
2. Carry-on luggage or purse cannot include any liquids or gels more than 3 ounces. This includes lotions, hairspray, lip gloss, suntan lotion, tooth paste, hair gel, etc. The 3-ounce containers must all fit in one, 1-quart-size Ziplock bag. Any containers found over the 3-ounce size will be thrown in the garbage.

3. Put the 3-oz stuff in the Ziploc bag ahead of time and have it ready to pull out and put in a bin to go through x-ray. You will have to take off your shoes and any coats or hoodies, etc. so good to wear slip-on shoes, flip flops, etc. You also have to put the document holder in a bin, but some airports want you to carry your ticket through x-ray with you. Just be sure everything gets picked up on the other side.

4. If you want bottled water on the plane, you can take a bottle from home & drink from it until it’s time to go through security, but you will have to either empty it or throw it away before going through security. You can either carry the empty bottle through security and fill it when you get on the other side, or buy a new bottle on the other side. Either the new one or refilled will be OK to take on the plane.

5. It would be a good idea if you had a change of clothes, a tank top, underwear, and bathing suit rolled up in your carry-on luggage—just in case a suitcase gets lost. That way you could probably get by until the luggage arrived, especially if you could wash what you took off from the travel day. Also carry in your carry-on or purse: a toothbrush, small toothpaste, and basic make-up—just in case. (Nothing over 3 ounces.)
6. Most resorts or hotels will have a hairdryer, iron & ironing board, coffee maker, shampoo, etc. in the room.

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