Monday, August 25, 2014


Blogging 101
imageplaceholderKrista Rea
Online Education Manager
Writers Digest University
Let a media professional show you how to set up your blog. Then, discover how to write for the web and drive traffic to your site. Blogging 101 will start you on the path to blogging success. By becoming a blogger, you'll have the ability to connect with your readers while building a platform.

In the Blogging 101 course, you'll prioritize your goals, create a list of specific audiences you are targeting, write a blog post using search engine optimization tips, create an editorial calendar, explore niche communities, and more. You'll receive feedback on weekly assignments and use four weeks of your time to launch a blog. Instructor Dan Blank will be available for questions. The class starts on August 28th and costs $199.99.

"Learning how to blog helps develop the two habits writers need most:
1. The consistent habit of writing and publishing
2. The consistent habit of connecting with readers"

  ~ Dan Blank
A recent student said, "The experience was awesome!" Learn how to brainstorm topics and research what your audience wants to read.

Set Up and Effectively Manage a Compelling Blog. Join the Blogging 101 Workshop. Class starts this Thursday!
All upcoming courses can be viewed at this link.

Thank you for being part of the writing community.
Blogging 101 Workshop
with Dan Blank
Your new blog can help you promote your book, improve your craft as a writer, build your brand, or just act as a fun escape from the daily grind.

Dan Blank has helped more than 300 professionals create and manage their blogs and use them to connect with niche communities online. As Director of Content Strategy & Development at Reed Business Information, he has worked with bloggers from more than 40 magazine brands, including Publishers Weekly, Library Journal and School Library Journal. Blank is recognized as an online media expert.


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