Saturday, August 23, 2014


        If you're traveling to a conference or a speaking engagement, the fear of jet lag is common. You want to arrive at your destination feeling your best. Here are a few tips that will help you prepare for or avoid jet lag all together.

1. On the three days before you leave, alternate days of light (800 cal.) and heavy meals.
2. On the day of departure, set your watch to the time at your destination, and try to eat your meals on that schedule.
3. During the flight, control your light sources to be in sync with what you are going to encounter when you arrive at your destination. If it will be dark when you arrive, lower your window shade, wear sunglasses, and rest. If it will be full daylight on arrival, keep the reading light on and stay active, with paperwork, visiting, writing notes, or the like.
4. Drink lots of water and limit alcohol intake to only one drink.
5. After you arrive at your destination, eat high-protein meals for breakfast and lunch, and high-carbohydrate dinners that will energize you through the evening, and then cause your body and mind to slow down by bedtime.

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