Sunday, August 31, 2014


 I’ve been thinking about time management and organization lately--after a discussion on the topic with some of my writing friends. It came up not because I’m disorganized—I’m actually known for being quite organized—but because my to-do list has grown much too long. Something I’m sure happens to all of us from time to time. I had to laugh recently when I ran across an item in a women’s magazine that indicated that there shouldn’t be more than 7 things on your to-do list for any one day. Otherwise you would suffer from brain overload.

The root problem for most of us is that we are often reluctant to say No when being offered the opportunity to fulfill some job—especially if it’s at church or in another Christian organization. Recently I ran across a note I’d taken in a writing class. The teacher made this comment: “When someone asks me to do something, I ask them if there is anyone else who could do the job as well or better than I could. If so, tell them to ask that person. If they can’t find or recruit that other person, then come back and I will do it.”

One of the keys to not having too much to do is giving up those jobs that someone else has been called to do.

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