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Contact: Pam Holmgren

DENVER, Colo., August 6, 2014 — Finding just the right faith-enriching information can be a daunting task. How does one keep up with the latest books, blogs, and CDs? Find a church in a new area? Discover devotionals that resonate? Locate local serving opportunities? Choose a Christian school or camp? was created to fix that frustration. It is a free, online resource for Christians that contains an array of valuable, faith-based content all in one place. Once populated with content, this powerful, complete directory can be curated and customized to an individuals’ unique needs. Site visitors may become members by completing a short survey in order to receive free, tailored emails about their interests.
Greg Johnson, president of WordServe Literary group, launched to help Christians identify and select information that meets their personal needs in their local area.
“We offer whatever fits into the soul-, marriage-, family- and church-enriching categories on our site,” said Johnson. “That way, will translate from an online experience to in-person connections to really strengthen people and their faith community.”

The site offers a mix of Christian resources including: book releases in more than 60 categories, video and music releases (all linked to local retail and national etail channels), as well as inspirational blogs by new and renowned Christian authors, devotionals for diverse interests, concerts, conferences, service opportunities, ministry items, a church database, education materials and more. Over a year in development, once each area is populated will be a comprehensive and accurate one-stop resource.
The info-packed, area-specific pages make stand apart even more from what is currently available on the internet. Best described as a "Relational CitySearch for Christians," is divided into 454 locales nationwide that serve more than 31,000 cities and towns. These sections provide a full roster of hyper-local listings compiled by Area Coordinators who are plugged in to the opportunities in their respective regions. will launch with 18 Area Coordinators dedicated to these cities and surrounding vicinities: Atlanta, Birmingham, Boston, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Denver, Eugene, Grand Rapids, Houston, Kansas City, Memphis, Minneapolis, Oklahoma City, Orlando, Phoenix, Portland/Vancouver, Richmond, San Diego and Seattle. More areas will be added, with the goal of 150 coordinators in all.

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