Thursday, August 21, 2014


Dear Author
You probably have already asked yourself:
How do I go about presenting my work to foreign-and-domestic literary agents and publishers?


How do contracts work between authors and publishers? What should I demand and what should I expect from this relationship?
If you have never visited PUBLISHERS’ DESK, this is an excellent chance for you to get to know the portal that brings authors and publishers together.
For the past seven years we have been available 24 hours a day, working in three languages, in our ceaseless efforts to help writers become published authors. We work with authors, literary agents and publishers from more than 180 countries, with works in 40 different languages. Through PUBLISHERS'  DESK, you can submit your fiction and non-fict ion works to our specialized audience in more than 200 distinct genres.

Visit our portal and sign-up. Then you can decide whether to continue using our free plan or become a subscriber. In either case, we will be able to help you get your work before professionals, plus clear up any doubts you may have about this market.

We are here for you.


Bringing Authors and Publishers together

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