Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Narrative - This is a true story usually told in a chronological, straightforward manner. This may work for short pieces of reportorial nature, but longer pieces will need to incorporate some fiction techniques in the telling.

News - Writing news stories for your local newspaper or a news magazine. Also writing newsbreaks (short reports) on news items of universal interest for Christian magazines. Some newspapers or magazines will pay an author for providing news tips that you don’t actually have to write up. In news stories you present the information in order of importance, with the most important facts first and working down to the background information. That way, if the editor is limited for space, they can cut it off at any point and still have enough information for a complete piece. Examples: Articles on a local church event, a church that is providing a specialized service to the community (such as transitional housing for the homeless), or a tip on a brewing controversy that is likely to erupt during an upcoming denominational convention.

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